Monday, 20 June 2011

War time love stories...when guys actually put pen to paper!

I have always been a teenie bit obsessed with 1940s war time Britain....and in particular the epic love stories that progressed during this period. When men didn't know if they would be alive or dead from one day to the next so wrote beautiful heart felt letters to their sweethearts without thinknig about whther they were being too keen....they went with their hearts and said what they felt. Love was more intense, marriage and weddings were a way to hold on to eachother and show your commitment...I sometimes really think society lacks this sort of epic romance. Noways a girl is lucky if she gets a reply to a text, let alone a hand written letter with a young man professing his undying love!

Anyway whilst in London I saw an exhibition advertised based completely on war time love stories, love letters and amazing memorabilia from those past years of true romance. So if you are planning a vintage wedding and would like some romantic inspiration then head the the 'wives and sweethearts exhibtion' where you will find out what it was like to be in love with a soldier and how a soldier felt being torn from his me tingles!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Vintage bouquet inspiration....

I have started to think about flowers for my big day and the type of bouquet I would love, I know that I would like lace involved and a vintage broach holding it delicately together. I have a real passion for wild flowers so that is my preference, so I started looking around to see if I could find any pic's of bouquets that pulled these idea's together. I came across these:

                 Dream bouquet! so beautiful, I adore everything about it

       Love the simple ribbon tie, really let's the flowers be the wow factor.

Looking from vintage inspired bridesmaid dresses? I've got just the place!

After an epic long search to find a vintage inspired bridesmaid dress that would flatter all heights/figures, was available in a number of colours and didn't break the bank, I finally found my dress!

I truly love shopping, and love researching, but this search really pushed my patience! I was shocked to find very little vintage style dresses out there that a.)were reasonable and b.)were actually available to try on or order online in the U.K. If I could design dresses I would seriously set up a business in ol' Britain! I came across so many dresses that I would think "finally I have the dress" then would try and purchase and couldn't!

Anyway one afternoon with an earl grey and lap top in hand I was committed to finding something and lucky for me I did...'.Courtesan Boutique' have a range of lovely vintage style bridesmaid dresses that are unique, yet classic and offer a range of lovely shades and avoid the hideous shiny standard boob tube dress that let's face it don't really suit anyone unless you look like Gisele... and even then I think she'd struggle to pull of the shiny look! Here's their website:

I was so impressed with the great customer service I received- I have two sisters with very long legs and I went back and forth asking about measurements and length of dresses- and alterations and really got a swift friendly response via email, and a helpful attitude which helped me to select my dress and work out the measurements. Its a website that still gives you the personal 1:1 customer service that you can miss out on if you don't go into a shop to purchase.

Here are a few of their pretty dresses that I was really taken with....note the pretty vintage shapes, adornments and style. A rarity I assure you!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

lace,pearls&bouquets save the dates now selling on Etsy!

I have decided to set up shop on Etsy so all you lovely people can now purchase my hand made save the dates. There will be more paper goods added on there very soon as well as hand made vintage favours.

To place your order go to:

Very excited! :-)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Handmade vintage favour idea's

Just came across a lovely wedding planning business who also make vintage style favours. Love the hand made jam and decorated jars, as well as the lavender filled pretty pockets. Such creative lovely idea's for your special day- go check out the website:

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Vintage Shoe Clips to add a bit of wow to those feet!

I just stumbled across this American website who make vintage shoe clips to adorn your bridal shoes- if you are looking for something a little bit quirky to vintage up your heels with for a reasonable price, go and check it out:

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Dream dress...I think not!

Courtesy of Miss Palmer...this delightfully hideous picture of a mannequin donning a vile gown...dress or straight jacket? you decide!