Thursday, 16 June 2011

Looking from vintage inspired bridesmaid dresses? I've got just the place!

After an epic long search to find a vintage inspired bridesmaid dress that would flatter all heights/figures, was available in a number of colours and didn't break the bank, I finally found my dress!

I truly love shopping, and love researching, but this search really pushed my patience! I was shocked to find very little vintage style dresses out there that a.)were reasonable and b.)were actually available to try on or order online in the U.K. If I could design dresses I would seriously set up a business in ol' Britain! I came across so many dresses that I would think "finally I have the dress" then would try and purchase and couldn't!

Anyway one afternoon with an earl grey and lap top in hand I was committed to finding something and lucky for me I did...'.Courtesan Boutique' have a range of lovely vintage style bridesmaid dresses that are unique, yet classic and offer a range of lovely shades and avoid the hideous shiny standard boob tube dress that let's face it don't really suit anyone unless you look like Gisele... and even then I think she'd struggle to pull of the shiny look! Here's their website:

I was so impressed with the great customer service I received- I have two sisters with very long legs and I went back and forth asking about measurements and length of dresses- and alterations and really got a swift friendly response via email, and a helpful attitude which helped me to select my dress and work out the measurements. Its a website that still gives you the personal 1:1 customer service that you can miss out on if you don't go into a shop to purchase.

Here are a few of their pretty dresses that I was really taken with....note the pretty vintage shapes, adornments and style. A rarity I assure you!

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