Monday, 20 June 2011

War time love stories...when guys actually put pen to paper!

I have always been a teenie bit obsessed with 1940s war time Britain....and in particular the epic love stories that progressed during this period. When men didn't know if they would be alive or dead from one day to the next so wrote beautiful heart felt letters to their sweethearts without thinknig about whther they were being too keen....they went with their hearts and said what they felt. Love was more intense, marriage and weddings were a way to hold on to eachother and show your commitment...I sometimes really think society lacks this sort of epic romance. Noways a girl is lucky if she gets a reply to a text, let alone a hand written letter with a young man professing his undying love!

Anyway whilst in London I saw an exhibition advertised based completely on war time love stories, love letters and amazing memorabilia from those past years of true romance. So if you are planning a vintage wedding and would like some romantic inspiration then head the the 'wives and sweethearts exhibtion' where you will find out what it was like to be in love with a soldier and how a soldier felt being torn from his me tingles!

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