Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Vintage wedding venue search...

I began planning my wedding by focusing on the most important decision (other than the dress of course!) the venue. Although all of the little things really make the day special and personal, its the background to these pretty things that bring the wedding alive. I have always loved the British seaside and so based my search on seaside towns, and after watching 'Never let me go' at the cinema a childhood memory of happy days strolling around antique shops, and feeling the pebbles on my feet as I walked along Clevedon front came back to me.  As you may know this film shot many of the scenes in and around Clevedon and the poster is a beautiful image on the infamous pier, the romance of the film and book just really inspired me. 

The Grand Victorian Clevedon Pier

                         A little snapshot I took of the pier


So I had found the perfect seaside town, now onto the venue....I was concerned as I had always dreamed of finding a beautiful house like the one used in Atonement as that story and the house was my idea of epic romance. I didn't know if it was possible to combine the two ideas without it all being too over the top. However, I stumbled across a perfect place, Clevedon Hall. This grand house embodied everything I was looking for, romance, amazing grounds, high ceilings, atmospheric rooms, and a 5 minute stroll to the pier, it was perfect! It even had the lake....minus Keira in her flowing green dress, but you can't have everything! So far the venue and staff have been everything I could hope for and I would recommend to anyone if you are looking for a venue with style, grace, history and of course...romance!


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